Pirates On The River?

It was a quiet morning. I was getting ready for work and, as per my usual, taking in beautiful lake views from time to time. It was a little chilly today but sunny with blue skies. Just gorgeous! 

I just started cooking breakfast, looked up and what did I see? Pirate ships! 

Pirates on Fort Loudoun Lake?

Are we being invaded?

Are we being invaded? What could this be? I quickly grabbed my iPhone and ran to the back deck. These boats are clearly not the usual type of boat I see on the lake. They’re old school…not even from this century!

The ships passed and fortunately, did not invade our land. Whew! I went on with my day, but, I must confess, it made me a little crazy. What are these ships doing here? Why do they look so lost in time? Well, luckily, I, like most of us, have the Googles. With a little research, I found that these boats ARE lost in time. They are the Niña and Pinta, full replicas of the Columbus Ships (sorry, no Santa Maria yet).

Wow! How fun! These boats are docked at Calhoun’s on the River located a 400 Neyland Drive, Knoxville, TN 37902 from October 25th to November 5, 2013. Head down there a take the tour. This is something you don’t want to miss.

Columbus Ships on Fort Loudoun Lake

Is this the Nina or Pinta?

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